Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time to shave the longhair

Summer season has arrived.sherya was waiting for a year for  headshave.she was waiting for keerthi.sherya called keerthi and  reminds about the headshave. keerthi laughed and said that she never  forgot about it.she told that she will come to sherya's barbarshop  tomorrow about 7:30 pm.sherya agreed for day morning sherya  wake up earlier morning and took headbath.sherya used to cut her hair  once in a year into a shoulder length bobcut.but in that 1 year she  didn't cut her hair except a her hair grows great.her hair  reaches the bottom of her butt.her hair is ready to shaved off.she  didn't put her hair in ponytail as she usually do.she tied her hair  into a braid.she planned put her hair in a tight bun on the back of  her head in evening before keerthi's arrival,that keerthi shouldn't  know about sherya's current hair length until she opens her's bun.but  sherya didn't know about keerthi's hairlength.priya is one of sherya's  young female customers.priya came to her shop to have her knee length  hair trimmed. She came to sherya's shop for trim.sherya welcomed 
her.priya sat on the chair. She said"sherya akka,innaiku neenga supera  irukeenga..! Innaiku enna special!?" sherya smiled at starts to undo  priya's braid.sherya said "innaiku naan mottai poda poren!" priya got  shocked and asked why."sherya akka, unga hair supera iruku,yen mottai 
podureenga?," sherya said" en best friend keerthiyum naanum last  yearlaye plan pannitom.innaku inga rendu perum mottai adika porom!"  sherya starts trimming priya's hair.priya starts to think.trimming was  completed.priya stood up and asked "sherya, neenga mottai adikratha 
naan pakalama?"sherya said" sure,ur choice. Yen unakkum mottai adikalam..!" priya said" sherya akka, enna intha vambuku  illukatheenga!" priya left the shop.then the headshave time  arrives.keerthi came to sherya's barbar shop.sherya and keerthi hugged  each other.keerthi and sherya both put their hair in a bun.keerthi  said" sherya, en mudi super fasta valaruthudi,1 yearla valantha 

lengtha paren.!" she opens her bun it almost reaches her butt.sherya  opened her hairbun.and said "keerthi, unakaga naan 1 year mudi cut  pannama iruken,ippa totalla mottai adika vendiyathu than..!" keerthi  said" ok,mottai adika ellam ready thaney?" sherya  said"yes,scissors,comb,straight razors,clippers,chair,capes,and a   Audience!." keerthi said " audienca,yaar athu?" at that time priya 
entered the shop.sherya said"priya is the audience" priya smiled at  keerthi. Keerthi said "priya,neeyum mottai adichuka!" priya saw sherya  with a smile.keerthi said" sherya, priya vukum mottai pottududi!"  sherya said"summa vambu illukathadi.!" keerthi said "enaku than first  mottai" and sat in the chair.keerthi said"cape poda venam,sherya,en  mudi en dress mela vuluguratha naan feel pannanum."sherya combed her  hair. And asked" eppadi, mottai adika?" keerthi told her to show her 
creativiy in this headshave.sherya took comb and divid keerthi's hair  in 3 parts.right,left and center.sherya gather her center part hair  into a ponytail.sherya took the clippers and starts to shave keerthi's  right side.her hair starts fall on keerthi's lap and the  floor..keerthi the rightside is bald.sherya moves to the  leftside.keerthi's beautiful hair rains on the there no hair 
in the sides of her head.sherya took off the hair band and opens the  remain hair.keerthi has a taco hairstyle but her hair was long. It looks funny. Sherya cuts her hair short and give her a taco.then she 
shave her head clean with straight razor. Keerthi stood up with a bald  head.priya saw keerthi and said"akka,mottai thalaiyoda supera  irukukeenga!"she dusts the hair from her lap and dress.and said"sherya  to sit on the keerthi wets sherya's head with water.she  didn't use the cape.she the straight razor and starts to shave  sherya's thick hair,her hair falls on her lap.she took it in her  hand. In 10 mins sherya was half bald. In no time sherya was totally  bald.all her hair was on her lap.she rubbed her head and stood  up.priya had records their headshave process in her phone.sherya said  "ennala intha naala marakavey mudiyathu!" priya said"neenga rendu  perum supera irukeenga,akka,!"sherya asked her" priya,neeyum mottai  pottukka!" priya said"akka,palani muruganuku naan mudi irakka  poren!",sherya and keerthi got surprised.after she go to her home from  sherya's shop,she asked her mom to allow her to shave her head.she  convince her mom.she said ok,but she allows priya to shave her head at  palani temple.her mom said" mudi irakanumnu decide pannitay,atha  murugan kovila panna nalla irkumay!'' priya got so happy and decides  to shave her head after 2 months. As priya told to them,she shave her  knee length hair at palani.priya came to sherya's home,with a bald  head.keerthi is also came to her home on that day.both of them called 
her'MOTTAI PRIYA' sherya and keerthi's hair grows in superfast  speed.both of them had a shoulder length hair.three girls plans again  for headshave next year.

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