Thursday, August 22, 2013

shaving their head

I am just 21 years old I got married before three months we are living in as a joined family with my mother in law and father in law and my husband’s younger sister. One day my mother in law came to me and said she took a vow to their family god if their son gets marriage she will make her daughter in law shave her head in temple. first I was shocked and refused  then that night this conversation came to talk my husband told me to do this but I started to arguing and I refused to do because I got thick beautiful black hairs and I love them. in the argument I uttered to my husband if I shave my head will your mother and your sister will give me company by shaving their head also? They were shocked and they went inside a room  and started to discuss and I can see his sister crying there because she is doing her college second year and she too got thick  beautiful long hair, then they came outside with sad faces and said ok we agree your to condition and we are going to our temple  this Sunday and be prepared. 
Now I cannot able to speak I am completely arrested. On Sunday early morning I took bath and went  to hall I can my mother in law packing her dresses to wear after her headshave. I can see my husband’s sister in front of mirror  combing her hair and she came outside with her hairs arranged in two plaits neatly combed. We all reached our temple by 10am  and we took rest for an hour suddenly my husband told us to move towards bask side of temple where the head shaving is being done. 

There was very less crowd so we went to a barber and I asked my mother in law to take the seat first, she sat cross legged down and  barber applied water and took his straight edge razor and kept on her head and moved front, back, sideways and I can see a cube ball
like structure and my mother in law smiled at me, my heart was pumping heavily to see her bald. Then I asked my husband’s sister to  sit she felt very shy to sit and shave in front of others but she was forced. Since she was with plaits and her hair was thick and 
long the barber undo the plaits and separated into two half and tied them in bun on each side after applying water she was made to  bend down and the barber pushed her head to touch her breast and took the straight edge razor and started to move from the center to
downwards and front and finally the sideways two bun of hairs fell on her lap she was totally bald.

 I cannot imagine such a beautiful  girl with beautiful hairs were now bald she stood up and clean the fallen hairs from hand and shoulder. Without speaking a word she went.
Now it’s my turn I sat in front or the barber and I was with my hairs kept in a beautiful plait and barber undo the plaits and   as did earlier he divided my hairs in two half and applied water and after massage he put two knots with my hairs in either side.  Waters are leaking all over my face and the barber changed the blade in his razor and starting from my  center part of head he moved the razor downwards 

I can feel the movement of razor and the breeze that strikes my head in that shaven area and the razor moves to front and back and in some minutes two buns of hairs were in my lap and the barber asked me to get up. My husband was helping me to clean the hairs  in my face and in back. Then we took bath and went home in our street all were looking us with their mouth  wide open. Yes it is too hot and sexy to see three bald woman’s at a time and two were very young and beautiful. Then I was thinking I have done a blunder to my husband’s sister because she has to face her collage Mets with her bald head.


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